Friday, October 29, 2010


G-Unit member Lloyd Banks has revealed the two rap newcomers currently under his radar and what it takes to maintain relevance in today's hip-hop game.

Banks also explained the impact Internet promotion has had on artists.

"There's a lot of new artists out there," "Wiz Khalifa, I like what he's doing. He's consistent, he's putting out a lot of material. J. Cole is dope, I was just listening to a new record he put out yesterday and he's a producer too so he's putting the beats together. He's already got a one up and he didn't even drop his first album yet. Currensy. He's not new but I look at consistency because it doesn't matter when you come in the game. Some artists, you can come in the game and sell five million records. I respect longevity and consistency because some things you could just be blind to. You can cut the Internet on and keep seeing this name and seeing this name but be blind to it and don't acknowledge until it blew out the pocket already. But it's OK, We're in a time where you control TV. Back in the days, you would spend half a million dollars on a video because it had to get seen if you watched this program whether it be MTV, BET. Nowadays, it's not like that. It's on demand. So you can pay that same tab for that video and nobody click on it. So the key is to have a lot of videos out so eventually somebody clicks on and once they do, you have an archive of 30 more freestyles that'll come up. I put out five mixtapes within a year that some people who heard 'Beamer, Benz or Bentley' have never heard. And that's the reason for going back and shooting viral and take it from 50,000 views or 70,000 views to 300,000 and 400,000 views because people are watching it at the same time they're hearing it." (Rap-Up)

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