Monday, December 19, 2011


Just when you think it was safe to turn on the radio and just when you think that the music industry was full of "1 hit wonders" well another The Real Housewives of Atlanta wants to join the many "1 hit wonders" list. I wonder why are people jumping on this single?

Well I guess if Kim Zolciak can do it with the song "Tardy For The Party" I guess it can be room made for the song "Who Gon Check Me Boo ?" by Sheree Whitfield.

Hey,I'm not hatin... if you can raise bank this way ....I say go for it !

Check out what actually prompted this song which is aimed as a diss to Nene Leakes another star on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Here it is check it out the single by Sheree Whitfield "Who Gon Check Me Boo ?"

Heres Kim Zolciak single "Tardy For The Party"...

Another heated argument in which the phrase is used by Sheree Whitfield which sparked alot of news.If you listen closely Sheree says to the party planner (Anthony) the guy she's arguing with ..."who's gonna check me boo?"

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