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This man of God was born Marvin L. Winans on March 5, 1958,in Detroit, Michigan and is the son of David and Delores Winans and the youngest of twins and the fourth of David and Delores' ten children.He is also the father of three sons, Mario, Marvin Jr., and Josiah.This man of God is best known for his preaching.He also is known as a producer, lyricist, composer, and recording artist,and now pastor of Perfecting Church which was established in the Detroit area in 1989 and currently serving as President of the School Board for the Marvin L. Winans Academy of Performing Arts.

Pastor Winans says, "the thrust of my ministry is a hunger for souls. Jesus said, 'The zeal for mine house has eaten me up.' Since becoming a pastor, I have been completely consumed with the challenge of presenting Jesus, not only to my local church, but to evangelize the world with the gospel. I would rather preach than eat, pray than sleep, and give to the ministry than receive the accolades of men. The zeal for God's house has eaten me up."

Along with his brothers (Carvin his twin, Michael, and Ronald) they formed The Winans and have nine releases and a showcase or two full of music awards. They are four-time winners of Gospel Music Association's Dove Seal, five-time winners of the Grammy Award, and eight-time winners of the Stellar Award. The Winans brothers have been serving up inspirational, hope-filled music for the better part of two decades. Their music typically showcases the many sides of gospel, both lyrically and musically.

Seleceted discography (by the Winans) .

Introducing the Winans, Light, 1981.
Long Time Coming, Light, 1983.
Let My People Go, Qwest, 1986.

Tomorrow, Light, 1985.

Decisions, Qwest, 1987.
Live at Carnegie Hall, Selah/Qwest, 1988.
Return, Qwest, 1990.
  All Out, Qwest, 1993.
Heart and Soul, Qwest, 1995.

Heres his new song that has hooked to my spirit and stayed there !

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