Sunday, June 17, 2012

2WIN WEAR: MY ADIDAS ! Will You Be Chained 2 This NEW Shoe ??

According to and the world known shoe company Adidas has released a new shoe design named JS Roundhouse Mids,which features gray, purple and black coloring with orange “handcuffs” (which some have argued resemble shackles) to wrap around the ankles.

The design of these shoes seem to start up or create some racial reaction.

Umm my looking at them does put you in the mind of shackles BUT if you think that they are,heres a thought dont buy them and if you like them buy them.

Myself I wouldnt ,I dont like the colors....but hey make a decision for ya self. What do you think ??

Check out some of the different styles of ADIDAS...

In the mean time check out the video and the artists who put the shoe comapany on the MAP !

Ladies & Gentlemen RUN DMC with "MY ADIDAS"

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