Monday, May 13, 2013


According to news reports it seems like every so often, "Pops" Mathew Knowles ALWAYS  finds a way to stay
It seems this time around Beyonce's Dad owes the IRS lots and lots of money.
It seems LATELY a lot of artists are owing the IRS, most recently ...Singer/ Rapper,Artist Lauryn Hill, Movie stars Nicholas Cage, Wesley Snipes, Boxing champ Mike Tyson, Rapper Lil Kim,Entertainer Lionel Richie, Former MLB star Lenny Dykstra,Singer Robin Thicke and his actress wife Paula Patton ,Actress Lindsay Lohan, Rapper Nas, I could go on  and on and on and on and on ..ololololololo but you get our point.

Mathew Knowles at one time managed Destiny's Child and Beyonce's career until 2011. Hmmmmm he was let go by his daughter as manager for speculation of stealing, We wonder if that rumor has anything to do with the IRS on his trail ...ololol.
Yes Mathew still has a record label(gospel)  but it maybe  he's not making what he used to make money wise  anymore. But we're sure "Pops" Knowles  has  that to  pay off the IRS, either that or  go to jail DO NOT PASS GO
Good luck with paying the IRS back they don't play when it comes to their money $$$$$$$$........

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