Friday, August 16, 2013


Just when you think that we have seen it all or had enough of REALITY SHOWS.......there is one more added to the MANY thats all ready out there.

The NEW REALITY SHOW which is entitled "PREACHERS OF L.A." on the OXYGEN network has seen a little buzz which could be taken in a negative or positive way. 
It seems to lean morte on the MIXED side......NOT EVERYONE IS ...well singing its praises.

The show seems to focus more on “struggles and triumphs” in the ministers’ personal and professional lives, as well as how they balance their commitments and which also is giving a glance into the holy order according to ...

Will you like it or do think there should be a reality show which focuses on this ? And also keep in mind most of the reality shows have women as its main characters and with this it is pretty much the first time you see ALL MALES.

Tell us what you think.

Here is the trailer of the show.