Monday, July 23, 2012

NEWS REPORT:Detroit Lions To Aaron Berry..HERES YA WALKIN' PAPERs !

According to the Detroit Lions have finally had enough of off-season troubles from their players. The first casualty is cornerback Aaron Berry,24 , whose contract was terminated on Monday morning following his second arrest in less than a month.

Mr.Berry was arrested Saturday in his hometown of Harrisburg, Pa. and charged with three counts of assault. Mr. Berry was also arrested this past June 23rd for DUI charges of hitting parked cars in a parking lot of Hilton Harrisburg Hotel…...(wow)

Here is Detroit Lions President Tom Lewandsaid statementon the release:

“We have repeatedly stressed to everyone in our organization that there will be appropriate consequences when an expected standard of behavior is not upheld,”

Mr.Berry was the fourth Lions player to be arrested since January, and the third to be arrested twice.

It is sad that things such as this happen and someone like Mr. Berry has basically lost his dream job due to ignorance. I do hope that Mr Berry can bounce back from this and prove he can learn from his mistakes. I truly hate to see anyone fall and then fall hard to the point that you lose the one thing you wanted since youth.

The good thing is Berry will be placed on waivers and could be signed by another team.

Detroit Lions cornerback Chris Houston tweeted on Sunday, referencing Berry’s arrest: “You can preach to someone over and over, but if they don’t get it, it’s nothing you can do. They have to learn the hard way.”

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