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Monday, September 3, 2012

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT:Big Poppa John (John The Baptist)

Big Poppa John aka John The Baptist
came to our attention from an individual who heard my twin and I on our radio show (E.N.T. Radio for those that don’t know…if you don’t know you better ask somebody…lol ) When we were told that we should check this guy out were like ummmm ok cool. We tend to give everybody a chance so I took his name down and info.I was told to check out his link and after about maybe 3 weeks I sat down and listened to songs as I normally do to decided what we will play that is new and fresh. Well I listened and I listened to the song “Demonstration” .

Song started of like it was headed into reggae…I-WAS-WRONG! (I love reggae…so please don’t get it twisted…lol) Then the beat stopped…there was silence then this bass came over the speakers and I had to stop it and look around(as if someone else was in the room along with me….lol) I started it again and I was FULLY impressed with what I heard! Called my brother in to listen and he said ok…now remember that guy I told you about well I’m about to play it .He said ok (like as if he was about to be disappointed and then when the music began he said to me STOP! We looked at each other and said OMG! We playing this song and we been ROCKIN this song on the show cuz we love it that much! With that being said his name is John Wesley Moorer a.k.a Big Poppa John aka John The Baptist. Most don’t know that there are deserts in the lives of men today; deserts of poverty and distress, deserts of pain and dissolution, and deserts of anger and fear. John the Baptist was called a forerunner. He was named "a voice of one"; a voice of one calling in the desert telling his listeners to prepare the way and make straight the path for the Lord.

Today, there is a new forerunner with the same name and the same heart, to prepare the way and make straight the path for the Lord. For in the deserts of sin and deception, there is still one crying out to youth everywhere. Oh yeah we also found out that this man has graced the stage with such icons as, LL Cool J, EPMD,Ce Ce Winans, Bishop Marvin Winans, Canton Jones, and Mary Mary.With a record like that come on he’s bound to BLOW UP!

He has a unique blend of RAP and Caribbean propels him into the periphery of the urban youth culture without dissociating him from the traditional and contemporary music that anyone can enjoy. He has many influences,that you can hear in his music such as gospel, soul, hip hop, and some from his immediate family rooted in Nassau, Bahamas and Cuba. Those influences become brilliantly alive in his music, fusing his veteran rhyming skills with tight beats and ingenious producing.

We all have been “up and down”and “in and out” of this crazy thing called life and John is no different. He just chose to take his life experiences and turned his life around and this was done by finding the Lord himself and sharing his experiences by doing the next best thing…teaching others, schoolin them, showing them there is more to life then the fast life ,the wrong road, there is life beyond the streets.There is a person that matters and that’s YOU!

Wait til you hear his other NEW bangerz such as MY LIFE YOUR LIFE Feat. Michelle Tanner, HEAVENLIES, FREEDOM, and IN THE BOOKS

Here is the song that caught our attention...."Demonstration"

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