Friday, October 5, 2012


Twins Andrew and Aaron Harrison of Richmond (Texas) Travis High committed to Kentucky on this past Thursday which was or happen to be the BIGGEST NEWS,the BIGGEST NEWS.Did I say that twice....yes I did (twin decision was made after the twins met and liked coach John Calipari.Aaron Harrison stated "Also, Coach Calipari did not guarantee anything and we liked that."

According to the significance of the commitments centers around the fact that these are the highest-rated basketball twins ever to come out of high school. Andrew is the top point guard and No. 2 overall prospect in the ESPN 100, while Aaron is the No. 4 overall player and top-rated shooting guard in the country.

Aaron Harrison Sr.states "Coach Calipari told us, 'We want you to come to Kentucky, but it is not going to be easy,' "

Something that makes us smile is that is that academics won over the twins' mom.Mr.Harrison states "I liked the wall with the GPA of the players on it," Marian Harrison said. "The GPA of the players that went to the NBA was great, and they are continuing to work toward getting their degrees."

We like reading aricles like this and the fact that they are twins is another thing but even more they guys work hard to get where they are and even harder to stay there.We see nothing but success from these brothers/twins but the fact that they show my twin and others that you can do ANYTHING if you put your mind/heart to it.

Oh by the way check out what they can do or have done....
Andrew averaged 12 points, six assists and 4.9 rebounds per game for last year's Texas Class 5A runner-up. Aaron averaged 18 points, four rebounds and two assists. Both are capable of big scoring numbers.

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