Sunday, June 9, 2013


The Berry Gordy memoir which inspired the Broadway hit “Motown: The Musical” is being reissued as an e-book. According to ,the original book entitled “To Be Loved,” was in 1984 had been out of print. The e-edition is scheduled for release Thursday by Rosetta Books, a digital publisher.

Not many know (you have to be living under a rock if you didn’t know) that the show has been nominated for 4 Tonys, with the awards ceremony scheduled for Sunday.

I like, many others I would love to see this show rack up awards after awards for a show that’s has been out for only like a year (if that long) and the fact that it is or about a MEGA record label started, created and OWNED by an African American such as the phenomenal man we ALL know as Berry Gordy is an only added accomplishment.

Check out some of the hits from the Motown label era…

 Diana Ross & The Supremes

                                                 Jackson 5 

 Marvin Gaye

Stevie Wonder

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