Friday, November 16, 2012


Kendrick Lamar ,
was born and raised in Compton and 23 years old, and so far he has dodged the almost inescapable bullets that dart through what he calls his “mad city.” 

Lamar is on everybody’s lips. Last November, Dr. Dre (who was led to Lamar by Eminem’s manager) said out of the blue on Power 106′s popular morning show Big Boy’s Neighborhood that he wanted to work with the rapper.

“The hardest thing for me to do is to get you to know me within 16 bars,” the rapper says on a track from last fall’s O(verly) D(edicated), “Average Joe,” in which he relates a story of being shot at by a gang, even though he’s not affiliated. The problem isn’t that Kendrick Lamar can’t reveal himself. It’s that there’s too much he wants to reveal. His thoughts tumble furiously; words swarm so frantically that in one song he eventually chokes on them.

“Goin’ crazy in your head is wanting to say so much, but you can’t. I think it comes from my struggling relationship with God — my whole life, I go to sleep every night and just think about God,” he says, faltering for a moment. “Is that a trip? That’s me trying to find myself in a relationship with Him. Righteous, but at the same time being so [caught up] in the vanities of the world … it messes me up inside.”   <<<< ----- That was deep!!
This song catches you with its lyrics and catchy it caught me and i think this artist will be around for long period of time....Remember the name cause you wont forget it ...but in the mean time check out this one ...

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